Xbox One – evolution?

It was in 2005, when Microsoft unveiled their first console and then in 2013, they unveiled Xbox 360 which has a little resemblance to the latter. Now, the existing console, Xbox One has been released a-year ago by Microsoft and it is so different that it is considered to be an evolution. It is believed that the latter, Xbox 360 has gone under infinite radical transformations which delivered an impressive New Xbox Experience to the users in 2008, featuring player avatars which are customizable along with vibrant interface, Netflix streaming and party chat with 8-players.

Xbox 360 has been redefined by the company with Kinect including gesture and voice controls in 2010. Xbox One by Microsoft offers its users with impressive graphics. It even controls and integrates well with live TV using Kinect. It has been equipped with better selection of media apps and games as compared to PS4. Furthermore, it features smooth interface with TV integration and voice commands which works with Kinect. Though the system lacks in DVR integration but delivers easy and quick installation along with impressive performance and graphics.

There is no doubt that overall, user’s topmost choice remains PS4 but Xbox One is significantly a better deal than it. This console has got fine-tuned firmware functionality along with a standpoint for its performance. Yes, Xbox One is the evolution of the gaming consoles market. Xbox One by Microsoft is quite husky one which measures 13.1×10.8×3.25 inches and delivers ultra-quite performance while playing games. It has got matte black vents with silver accents and glossy back panels.

On front, it features a power button with a slot for Blu-ray disc. In some of the ways, this console tries to be modern because of its capacitive touch buttons but sometimes it leave users with power switched off accidently which is quite not tolerable at times. It also features USB ports at its footprint i.e. they are placed on the front but including them on the right-angle would have been a much better choice. In terms of its internal specs, it holds itself closely with PS4.

It is equipped with custom MAD APU which clocks at 1.75GHz which further combines itself with the graphics processor and CPU within a single chip. It features in-built memory of 500GB with DDR3 memory clocked at 5400rpm and a standard Wi-Fi connection. It differs slightly from its competitor, PS4 when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi Direct as well as no replacement of 500GB hard drive. If you loved using Xbox 360s controller, then you would love its controller too.

When it comes about the interface of Xbox One, you can simply say it like playing a treasure hunt in a messy room. It has got some piles which look quite wonderful and even sometimes it pretty difficult to find the same. This console is influenced by the tile-based looks of Windows 8 and for accessing the basic elements, users need to do some extra digging around.

We love to have your reviews about Xbox One and do you actually think is it evolution or not?